Big Sissy!

When I was young I always thought that I was always the youngest..”bunso” or whatever you might call it, but as I grow up I have been a big sister not to my sibling but to my cousins.

Being a elder sister requires pure patience, love & care. I honestly can’t be proud of anything I am, I’m not a perfect sister to my Ate nor a very good daughter, I even doubt myself sometimes if I’m really a family oriented person, but truth strikes me that I was or I am a good elder sister to my dear cousins


with Angel this was taken at the Cemetery at my grand parents grave, way back when I was high school. Beside me was my very kind & obedient baby cousin, She always takes my word of advice because I was ahead of her. We bond together by chatting well.. as we all know It’s girls talk about boys, school & whatever we can talk about under the sun. She never, never talks back to me that’s what I really like about her.


The next one was bianca, this was taken in my late high school days, this was at the hospital. Lolo got sick & admitted to the I.C.U, We just got bored.  Bianca was now at Grade 8th. I vaguely remember how many years am I older than her, but we got along. She’s a very very very shy girl, She just laughs when there’s something funny, she’s well reserved sometimes it feels like I am talking to myself and ironically myself talks back *kidding* but really, I don’t understand why but I really love her.


This is JB..bianca’s younger brother. We were very close! This was taken just a month ago at The Malacañang of the North at Ilocos Norte. We always teases each other, we always hug, fight, sleep together. He’s the youngest in my Mom’s side of the family. We both love eating! I’m sorry that I chose that picture that you can only see our backs, that was stolen. I find it very sweet! that’s why I pick that photo. One more thing, he’s really good at chess! but I don’t really know how to play chess, ask the experts Hahaha.


This is Martha, the best playmate ever,This was taken at their house at my freshy year in college. We grow together that I almost lived in their house when the funny thing is I just lived next door. I think she’s about to be in her 3rd year at high school. I remember my childhood days, The power of Highschool Musical, Disney Princesses & Hannah Montana. We have fights but at the end of the day, fight aren’t worth it to loose a playmate, well “kiddos”. I haven’t spend a very long time with her since then, I miss her so much.


This is Raissa, a never expected child of Tita Edith, She’s very stubborn, sleep whore, lazy queen Gaaaahhhddd!! She’s everything. I “always always” got a say in her life. She’s very dependent, I don’t know how to let her go cause I’m afraid still she can’t. She’s in her fresh year at college, I hope she’ll do fine. I really hope that she’ll now do things on her own, be a very responsible and independent girl. She’s at Manila OMG, I’m going crazy, there’s so many bad people out there, snatchers, holdappers or whatever. I just pray that she won’t get hurt. I care a lot about her, and I don’t wanna let her choices hurt her so I speak & stand for whatever I know would be better for her.


The last one was my favorite, this is benjo. I can’t remember when it was taken but it was taken at our Tita’s house. I did everything to be her best Ate, I love my brother so much. We’re completely different, He’s very silent & shy while I was a very energetic and outgoing person. What I like about benjo is He always have a long patience when it comes to me, He knows that I’m very stubborn and etc. but still he always listens to whatever I say, He obeys me every time without further complains. I always reach for him cause I know boys won’t share things. I’m very proud that even though he’s a boy he never gives me headache, he studies very well much more than I am. He never gets lazy to do his homeworks and Outstanding student. I pray that he will pass on this coming UPCAT exam cause I know how much he prepared for it and his worthy of passing it.  Always keep up the good work, I’m always right here to support you in whatever path you wanted to take, Ate loves you very much!! ❤

. I have always been caring & supportive to each and every-one of them. I care as much as I love them, I feel responsible to guide and protect them. I have this attitude to always have a “say” in their lives, not being “pakelamera” there’s just this kind of instinct that I had “been there, done that”.

I wasn’t a outstanding example as person but I’m here to guide & mold them fully I wanted them to better than I was.

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So nag out of town kami last weekend, It’s been a while nalate ako nang update. Hehe  I’ve been through so many places in Ilocos Norte, like Bangui Windmills, Paoay St. Agustine Church & Pagudpud! the other day we’ve been to Ilocos Sur at Chavit’s Baluarte nakita ko yung pet nyang Tiger *rawr* and a trip visit to Heritage at Vigan. Toured the old house of the Old house of the former President Elpidio Quirino and Congressman Ronald Singson, going back at Ilocos Norte.. I felt like having the best tour ever. Feeling ko ang dami kong natutunan lemme share everything na naalala ko. so nung nagpunta kami sa Mansyon nila sobrang ganda nang staircase so 25 steps daw po yun tapos nakikita yung view nang Paoay Lake at never pa daw nasukat kung gano kalalim yung lake na yun then yung Siblings were Imee Marcos, Bongbong & Irene Marcos. The Malacañang of the North was the gift of the former first Lady Imelda Marcos to the former President on his 60th birthday. @Kapupurawan We’ve seen few white stone structures at meron pa dun na stone figure ang epic na si Biag ni Lam Ang, tapos nagpunta kami sa Fort Ilocandia Hotel hindi naman kami nagcheck in pero nagpunta kami, Ang ganda nang Garden at nang buong hotel. @Paoay Sundune hindi kami nakapag sand boarding kawawa kasi umuulan nung nagpunta kami nakakasad naman! pero pwede pa naman next time. @Bangui Windmills sobrang mabato pero fulfillment talaga yung nafeel ko dun!! kasi at last nakita ko na rin ang windmills yung mata ko sobrang lake pomise! haha Sa Vigan naman I forgot to tell you na ang sarap sarap po nang Ice Cream nila. Melon & Avocado grabe! lovette. hmm may nakalimutan paba ko? Siguro! kasi sobrang dami talaga at hindi ko na po matandaan yung iba. I really had a great time and I really missed my cousins. Hopefully Benjo will pass the on coming UPCAT, ang dami ko ngang binigay na remarks sakanya e ako ata ang ninenerbyos sa exam nya. So look at the pictures below nalang ano po?

484826_10200655291138896_1032411769_n 942537_305710689561583_966206478_n 419635_305288779603774_1280600855_n 935450_305708929561759_1922102339_n 923526_304858622980123_863015755_n 263268_305710259561626_1616592481_n 960284_10200661077843560_1214945302_n

Choose Philippines!!

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Election 101.

Halalan nanaman, araw-araw kong naririnig ang mga campaign jingles nang mga kandidato. Kaliwa’t kanan, taas at baba..kahit san ka tumingin puro larawan nila. Makukulay na banner at tarpaulin. Kung tutuusin, pag pinagsama sama lahat nang ginastos nila sa kampanya Marahil wala nang gutom sa Pilipinas. Dayalogo dito debate doon, Ano nga ba ang gusto nating patunayan? May mangyayari nga ba sa kanilang mga salita at pangako? at sa bandang huli.. Sino nga ba ang tunay na talo?

Sa totoo lang po, wala pa ko sa hustong edad para bumoto. Menor de edad lang po ako, pero alam ko po kung anong klaseng mga tao ang gusto kong ihalal. Unang una.. isang taong may takot sa Diyos. Naniniwala akong Diyos ang isa sa pinakamakapangyarihang panghahawakan ko sa taong ito. Hindi po ako naghahanap nang hindi nagkakamali, ang gusto lamang po ay magiging matapat sya kung ano mang tama at mali ang magagawa nya. Naiinis ako sa mga kandidatong naghahatakan pababa, Ikauunlad mo ba ang pagbatak sa iyong katunggali sa politika? Mas mabibilib siguro ko sa taong kayang pumuri sakanyang kalaban, Taas noo syang haharap sa maraming tao pagkat sya’y hindi kayang mangtapak nang ibang tao.

At para naman sa mga taong nagbebenta nang kanilang boto, Hindi ko naman po kayo masisisi? Sa katunayan, kulang pa sa halagang binibigay nila ang dapat nating tinatamasa..pero ano? nagssettle tayo sa limang daan hangang limang libong piso. Marahil nahuhusgahan po natin ang mga taong nagbbenta nang kanilang boto pero hindi din naman po siguro madaling magtiis sa hirap at umasa nalang na isang araw magiging maginhawa din ang buhay nila.

Sa akin pong pananaw, pag dumating na ang araw na mabibigyan na ko nang pagkakataon na bumoto. Iboboto ko kung sino ang sa tingin ko ang karapatdapat, ganun pa man. Hindi ako aasa na sila ang magiging daan para umunlad ang buhay ko. Sarili ko ang mag-aangat sa buhay ko at sa pagkatao ko. Hindi man ako maging Public Servant, tutulong ako. Hindi dahil ginagawa yun nang mga mabuting tao kundi isa yun sa mga Moral Obligation natin sa mundo. Sana po kayo rin wag masyadong umasa sa gobyerno natin, Dahil hindi nila kayang gampanan lahat nang pangangailangan natin. Maging sila ay meron din pong limitasyon, Hindi po ba masyado nang huli para magsisihan? Gawan nalang natin to nang paraan. 

Bumoto tayo ayon sa pusot’ isipan. DAPAT TAMA.

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Editors note.

Madalas kong hanapin kung anong kulang, at madalas marami akong iniisip na kulang.

Hindi kami mayaman, hindi ako nag-aaral sa isa sa pinakamagandang kolehiyo sa Maynila. Hindi ako maganda, kumpara sa ibang babae. Hindi nga ko matangkad e, Hindi din ako maputi at madalas masungit ako. Hindi ako masipag mag-aral.. at mas lalong Hindi ako magaling sa Math.. in short. Hindi ako perpekto.

Pero alam nyo ba? Kahit hindi kami mayaman, Meron akong dalawang mabaet, understanding at mapagmahal na magulang. Kahit madalas masungit yung ate ko, okay lang yun sakin. Hindi ako nag-aaral sa pinaka-magandang school pero alam nyo ba? sa school na yun, Dun ko nakilala yung mga taong hindi ako nagsisising makilala. Sa school na yun marami kaming ginagawa at gagawin pang memories. Hindi ako masipag mag-aral pero nag-aaral ako kasi maswerte ako na kahit papano meron akong pampa-aral. Bakit ko sasayangin yung pampa-aral? kung yung ibang gustong mag-aral hindi makapag-aral.Hindi ako magaling sa math pero kahit papano naman nag-excel ako sa Statistics this se.

Sa talambuhay ko, mas marami pa yata ang nagawa kong mali kaysa sa tama. Marami akong gustong balikan pero siguro hindi ko na yun gustong baguhin. Wala naman sigurong taong hindi nagkakamali diba? Ang dami dami ko lang talaga na-realize this holy week. Ang dami palang pwedeng magbago sa loob lang nang isang linggo. Nanuod kasi kami nang “The Passion of The Christ” alam mo yung feeling na hindi pa yun, yung actual na nangyari for the past years? Ang hirap i-intact sa utak ko na film lang yun kasi alam ko, Everyday na gumagawa ko nang kasalanan nawawalang silbi yung sakripisyo nya. Hindi ko alam bakit ang hirap magpakatao sa mga tao. Bakit kaya.. ang hirap magkamali? Ang hirap bumangon pero dahil andyan ka po. (GOD) babangon ako kasi alam ko kakampi kita diba po? Lilipas din to at sa pag lipas nito. Papatunayan ko na kaya ko din naman magbago na mahalaga din ang sarili ko kesa sa mga tao o bagay na mas pinapahalagahan ko. Hindi naman to yung first time na nahirapan ako nang ganito pero twuing may pagdadaanan ako na ganito. “Ang hirap pag walang siya–(God)” parang di ko kaya.

Ang bottomline lang naman nang pinagsasasabi ko ay, Kailangan naman natin sya pero wag natin syang i-take for granted. Be grateful for everything na binigay at pinahiram nya. Wag natin antayin na dumating yung point na “Kailanganin natin sya” If you know what I mean.  Never criticize yourself cause you think you’re not good enough, No one will ever will unless they know their worth please know yours and know his worth. He’ll help you! He loves you. He did everything he can for you & He will never give up on you! That’s my God that I’m grateful & proud of.

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156065_631476073536317_1574981887_nimage_1364210247895629484790_631473700203221_1346279371_nimage_1364210290986243  Hi to our make faces! So we have about 89 photos and I think I just need to share few, That’s me wearing green and beside me is my sweet beautiful cousin..her name is Bea. We stayed at the Nipa hut cause it’s so damn hot this noon time. Hit it! I know we look dumb but it  was fun.

549965_631482496869008_956747665_n9571_631480176869240_1116389064_n578218_631483020202289_242179429_nso later on we we’re joined by Francis & Grace. We decided to ate mangoes to freshen up but it’s kinda sour, but I do love it. Today is Holy Monday and I don’t know what the hell is going on.. I mean why is it raining? and not just rain I heard thunder roars hoo! scary. It’s really cold so we cooked, I mean Grace cooked hot noodles for our meryenda. (afternoon snacks)526868_631473106869947_304538912_n I hope it won’t rain tomorrow or at least for this week. It’s not that just because it’s summer. For the next coming days or technically this Thursday & Friday, some people will gonna do our traditional doings during Holy Week here at Philippines. Some will gonna carry crosses like what Christ did, that’ll be their offering to God and they will be stopping at cross stations somebody will sing the pasyon (prayer that was sang) until they get to their own destinations, some will go to different Churches to pray & reflect.. so let’s pray not to rain cause it will affect our said to be duties. I think I’ll be going to churches or just watch at the street with my family. I want to spend this week with my family and on Easter we will be having our traditional Family reunion.

My mom wasn’t here today until tomorrow afternoon I guess? so guess what! I washed our dishes and that really make me proud! cause I feel like a grown up and I felt productive today.

I just wanna take this chance to thank my new followers, thank you for reading my blog & I hope that you’ll still be there for the rest of my incoming post. I wanna close this post with a very up-lifting quotation.

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

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Suck it up.

So this is just a throwback that I wanna share, 3 years ago I’ve been to a break up. This really helped! I still remember it was from the school nurse way back when I was on highschool. This really inspired me to move on and deal with it, Keep reading..

One of the reasons why people get so sentimental. It’s because,memories are the only things that don’t change…when everything else does.There are things in life that you can’t hold on forever ,no matter how much you fight for it.

Sometimes destiny isn’t always good,it becomes playful. When you met someone you learned to love,you thought it was destiny that made your paths cross, but what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game that the playful destiny create? Making you realize in the end that the person you thought that was destined for you wasn’t really meant to stay..but only destined to make you feel love and leave you when you’re already fallen.

It’s not easy to state a reason when you decide to leave your love. Some might think it’s just an excuse..some might not actually believe..some will blame you..Some might be even mad at you..what they don’t see is the fact that. It hurts you even more to hurt someone who doesn’t deserve to be hurt, Especially when you can’t actually state the reason why you have to leave.

You can never own something that was never yours. So let’s stop gripping to the things we expect to last forever. Nothing last forever..It’s a lie. Everything is transitory.So while you have somethings in your hand , Put in mind that it’s borrowed. So that someday when it’s gone, It won’t take your eternity just to let go..

When your feelings get strong for someone. It’s always wise to stop for a while and give your heart —–a time to breathe..A time to use your mind to weight the situation based on reason not on emotion.Because the saddest thing that can happen is when one fall in love while the other wants nothing more than friendship.

Love can sometimes be magic..but magic can sometimes be an illusion. There are times when I wish that I was limited to certain emotions. So that I’ll never have to experience pain,never feel betrayed or disappointed. And never get my fragile heart broken..but the same things means that I’ll never know how it feels to love and to be loved in return. The thought of it kind of scares have a heart that’s whole but numb or a heart that’s broken but real.

Someday we’ll be looking back to those days we learned to love, get hurt, cry, and fight. Maybe when that time comes,We’ll be laughing at our old dumb selves..Realizing how stupid we were to stand up for the things we knew weren’t really meant for us.

But I guess..

Learning takes time and mistakes make one’s journey fun, Life is what we make it.Love makes the world go let’s live,love and take whatever pain it brings..Though it’s hard to wait around for something that I know will never happen.It’s harder to stop when I know It’s everything I’ve always wanted.

But you know what? I’m Glad, I’m glad it happened.. WERE GOOD FRIENDS and I’m thankful for that.

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image_1363960920725622image_1364091667925740  Totally Kids at heart! It feels so good to be back. Everybody loves Ice cream agree? This was my favorite since then. Double dutch, Oreo ohh melt! Whenever I see crepes or Ice cream parlor my eyes craves for heaven. So last night nag dinner kami magpinsan sa fastfood tapos nag-aya ko nang dessert sabi nya Ice Cream daw so nag 7/11 kami malapit lang din dun sa fastfood na pinagkainan namin tas niyaya namin yung friend namin si Mark ayun yung cone by cone lang sana na Ice cream naging 1.5 image_1364091695348565litters and the fun part was meron kaming free cones! Yey so ayun sobrang sarap-sarap nang feeling mag Ice cream to death kasi tatlo lang kami! look at the second picture taob talaga, sarap kaya! I’m always one of the boys kaya na-eenjoy ko talaga makipag bonding sakanila. Di ko nga alam kung san na nang-gagaling mga pinagkkwentuhan namin e, lumipas ang oras hanggang mag 9:30 na ata yun? Ewan ko ba saka palang kami umuwi. Next time gusto ko Milk tea naman para masaya, di namin lagi inaabutan yung bubble tea, Gusto ko pa rin naman i try yun. I’m looking forward to the rest of my happy days pa.

Look at your left, you’ll see my very malaking face =)). Happy Kid! Ganyan ang itsura ko twuing may Ice cream, Actually stolen yan It’s my cousin’s ipad and I was like “Oh wait wait! where’s the camera?” hahahaha!

Palm Sunday pala ngayon. Magnilay-nilay tayo Holy week na po. Let’s pray and never forget that this week is for honoring the sacrifice of Christ. Reflect & May the powerful hands of God touch each & every heart and find each other’s peace.  Let me end this blog with a powerful verse..

John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

xoxo time check! 5:05



I had written so many things na then nag crash down ang aking browser, so sad! but because I love these people I will finish what I started. Keep reading..

It’s been a week that I never thought I’d gone through, It’s just me and the four walls of the room, Nothing to listen and no one to talked to. I never thought that people’s deepest pain is to feel alone & pathetic and unfortunately that’s how I felt. I kept on pushing everything away cause I don’t wanna make everyone miserable for my pain.

Until a friend of mine tried to reach out, He stood by me and never left my side. I never saw him as desperate as he was to make me feel better.310344_2219784853318_1996794778_n Suppressing my feelings I tried to stay calm and casually talked to him the normal way we used to talked. I know that he wasn’t convinced and satisfied and deep inside I know that he was right but I’m really touched that he did make an effort and did his best to make me feel good about what’s going on. He used to be a playful, happy-go-lucky guy in my eyes but the more I know him, I saw the very humble & mature side of him. If you may notice he was the guy on the left side, Gwapo nya no? He’s also a sweet & caring brother  for me as always. Maybe at times he was super mayabang and korny but you know people have their own personality and the more you get to know him I’m sure you will be buddies and by the way, Earl is the name.

Later on another friend to thank to, Should I define her that “The Girl who talks a lot.” Yes she really was the girl who385650_3823716714781_1205094663_n talks a lot, A lot of meaningful words cause she’s an intelligent one she excels in our class.  A lot of words that enlightened and inspired me to do the right thing, to give this damn thing a good fight, to never loose my faith in God.  A very beautiful young lady that God lend me and healed me on the words that embraced my soul. I owe you A LOT. Why do I love her? It’s because we have so many common denominators like Tea, Books, Movies and there’s everything we can talk about out of the blue. How do I describe her? She’s very versatile.. She can sing, dance, play a violin name it! The bet is on mine for I know she can do it. She’s also a very active and devoted Christian youth. She doesn’t have the perfect laugh but she can really make me laugh like matumb- tumba na ko sa chair. Well this beautiful face in my right has also a beautiful name I think it’s an Hebrew but whatever She’s my Keziah.

Keep this things in mind, Pain is temporary while Quitting is forever. You met people for a reason or a lesson, Trust God for whatever storm will came into our lives. I learned that Sometimes you gotta learn things the hard way . Always be thankful for every small things God will give. It won’t rain forever so cheer up and smile! Love yourself & the people around you. My first post on this blog! time check It’s 4 in the morning. God Bless!